After the podcast goldrush? Read this.

  1. Probably not starting your own podcast — unless you’ve got a killer idea, that is super-original and isn’t just “a bunch of guys having a chat”, the answer is no. Also, unless you’ve got the appetite to record and promote for a long time with no guarantee of a mass audience, the answer is no. Believe me, I know from firsthand experience
  2. Looking for podcasts to pitch to — at Teneo, we’ve successfully placed clients on the likes of Marketing Week meets and the BBC’s Wake up to money, to name a few. Speak to producers of relevant podcasts and gauge appetite. It works pretty well, but measurement is limited, so be warned (see next point)
  3. Identifying podcasts and potential podcasts to sponsor — definitely the easiest way to get into the podcast game. Find a show that resonates with your target audience and look at cutting a deal — ideally one that will natively advertise your company. Again, you can trust me cos I know — we helped DFS organise a sponsorship of The Great Indoors, the first ever interiors-focused podcast. As mentioned, measurement isn’t easy. We saw some seriously impressive stats around consumption of the podcast, but linking through to action or conversion is more difficult. A16Z are excellent on this topic, give them a read. Or give us a shout, of course.




Associate Director at Teneo. Digital planner.

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Mark Wainwright

Mark Wainwright

Associate Director at Teneo. Digital planner.

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